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Surbiton Chiropractor for Advanced Back Pain

ProBack Clinics Surbiton, Combining Tradition with Technology

At ProBack Clinics Surbiton our mission is to use our years of experience diagnosing and treating the people of Surrey and SW London, and blend that with the latest state-of-the-art technology imported from America to offer the most advanced approach to spinal care.

Dr David Brown, (Doctor of Chiropractic & Clinic Director) and his staff, which includes chiropractors, an osteopath and two sports therapists, have collectively seen and helped tens of thousands of patients.

Revolutionary Technology

Recent advancements in technology mean that the very best in cutting edge healthcare is no longer resigned solely to the superstar research facilities in America. We now offer a multitude of gentle, non-invasive, non-surgical techniques which are allowing us to reach unprecedented levels of success, with even some of the most difficult of cases such as disc and chronic muscle injuries responding favourably to our unique approach.

Combining Tradition with Technology

Our clinicians are highly trained, fully qualified and registered chiropractors and osteopaths, with over 25 years of combined experience treating tens of thousands of patients from every walk of life.

We believe that understanding your condition in its entirety is paramount to getting the result you’re after. Our extensive education and training makes us experts in conditions that affect the skeletal, muscular and nervous systems of the body.

By thoroughly assessing each individual case we are able to tailor a treatment plan for each individual patient, combining the best of traditional chiropractic/osteopathic techniques with our revolutionary technology. Our clinicians will guide you as to which technique or therapy they believe will be of most benefit to you to ensure the highest degree of effectiveness and success possible.

Our aim at ProBack is to not just get you out of pain, but to also work towards restoring your full function by correcting the true cause of your complaint, allowing you to experience a state of total health and wellbeing.

ProBack Clinics Surbiton, that second opinion you’ve been looking for!

In the matter of a few short years there has been a massive shift in what has and hasn’t been achievable in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries. As patients and surgeons have become increasingly wary about the effectiveness of surgical interventions, new technology has allowed us to safely and effectively offer an alternative to surgery. Contact the clinic today and let us give you that pre (or post) surgical examination to ensure all has been done to help your condition.

Our clinicians are at their happiest helping to solve complaints like the ones listed below

  • Neck pain
  • Sciatica (spinal decompression)
  • Headaches (coming from the neck)
  • Migraines (prevention)
  • Muscle tension
  • Shoulder injuries

If you are ready to feel better, contact ProBack Clinics Surbiton today and work with a team committed to your well-being.

ProBack Clinics Surbiton | Chiropractor in Surbiton | 020 8335 5445

Serving Kingston, Tolworth, New Malden, & Long Ditton